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D&J MARKETING is an independent company dedicated to help bowling centers maintain and improve their business.  The father-son team of Dave Jackson Jr. and Sr. know what bowling centers need to be successful, because they operate one of their own.  Char-Lanes, located in Charlotte, Michigan, has been in the family since 1982.  In the third generation of this family business, the Jackson family has accumulated nearly one hundred years of combined experience in the bowling industry.  The knowledge gained during that time is critical for determining what products will continue to benefit their customers and continue to grow the sport.
Dave Jackson Jr. and Sr. - Bowl Expo 2008
D&J Marketing's first and primary product, legacy scoring upgrades, grew from a need at their own center.  In 1990, they upgraded Char-Lanes to AMF Accuscore automatic scoring.  The system worked great, but by 2005, the overhead monitors were showing their age.  The 25" CRT overheads were in constant need of repair and gave the center a dated look, but the rest of the system was strong and reliable.  It was at this time that the Jackson's knew the best solution would be to replace the overhead monitors with new LCD TVs.  However, no solution existed, so by late 2006 they had to upgrade to new QubicaAMF Bowland X automatic scoring.  The system worked great, but was costly and difficult for many bowlers to learn to use.  The Jackson's realized then that the vast majority of bowlers didn't care about the new features and graphics, they really cared about the modern look of the center and being able to see their scores.

While most people would have moved on, the Jackson's knew that they had an idea for a great product that would dramatically help their industry.  After searching for a year, the Jackson's partnered with Magnum Engineering, LLC to develop the product.  Magnum Engineering is a leader in new product development and specializes in getting products to market quickly.  The engineers were able to create a custom solution that was cost effective.  Per the Jackson's request, the engineers at Magnum specifically designed the product to be MADE IN THE USA.  Since the first production run in January 2008, all the products have been made in Magnum's production facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Since its creation in 2007, D&J Marketing has expanded rapidly and now leads the industry in legacy scoring upgrades.  Through this, they have achieved the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry and maintain longest warranty periods.  Technical support is always free and warranty repairs, when they rarely occur, are returned to the customer within 24 hours.  D&J Marketing takes care of their customers with quality products and excellent customer service.