EVOLUTION scoring products are designed to UPGRADE your bowling center to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of new scoring.  Most legacy scoring systems suffer from the same problems: proprietary and antiquated display monitors.  These systems were designed to force proprietors to purchase replacement CRT monitors from the original companies, at an inflated cost.  We don't believe that is the way to do business.  The EVOLUTION upgrade will give you the ability to use most commercially available monitors with your existing scoring system.

Before clicking the links on the left, lets discuss how the  EVOLUTION system works and why you should consider upgrading.
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1. Increase customer satisfaction
2. Lower maintenance costs
3. Decrease down time
4. Modernize your center

which all result in

5. Increased revenues!
Many centers that have done the EVOLUTION upgrade and replaced their overhead scoring monitors with LCD monitors have reported significant sales increases.  Some report an increase in participation equal or higher then when they first installed automatic scoring!  So how can that be true?  It's because of one simple fact:


Customers come to your center to have a good time and BOWL, it's as simple as that.  The vast majority of customers do not care about animations and graphics, they care if they can read their scores.  In fact, during leagues, most bowling centers turn off all animations and graphics as the bowlers prefer NOT to see it.  Lets compare the EVOLUTION upgrade to new scoring:

1. Simple and fast to install.  Most mechanics or bowling center operators can do it themselves.

2. Virtually no down time.  The system can be installed one lane pair at a time WITH the rest of the system up and running.

3. Maintain familiar keypads.  Bowlers already know how to use the controls.

4. Maintain familiar staff controls.  The center staff and mechanic are already experienced with the system.

5. Low cost.  Generally, an entire center upgrade costs less than 1/5 the cost of new scoring and pays for itself within 2 years.

6. Passive engineered system.  The original scoring system does not even know the upgrade has happened, which means there is no need for added-cost interfaces and no possibility that it can damage other system components.

1. Difficult to install.  Most installs are performed by a factory trained install crew.

2. Extended center shut down.  New scoring requires all new electronics, cabling, and interfaces which can not be installed while the center is in use.

3. New keypads.  Bowlers have to re-learn all the commands.

4. New staff controls.  The staff and mechanic need training on the new system.

5. High cost.  Many centers pay for new scoring for 10+ years and never recoup their investment.

6. Active engineered system.  New scoring must control all equipment, which means it will require new added-cost interfaces and could cause damage to other components if not installed correctly.

The EVOLUTION system is a custom engineered solution designed specifically for upgrading legacy bowling scoring systems.  It has advanced processing capabilities to take the original proprietary scoring video signals and convert them to standard digital video signals.

So why use digital output when all the new scoring is using analog outputs (VGA or S-Video)?  There are three simple reasons:
1. Compatibility: We investigated nearly every LCD monitor available today to determine the best standard that will be available for the longest period of time.  Digital HDMI interfaces are the most common, and are likely to be around for years in the future, while analog interfaces are already disappearing.  That means, no more being held hostage to the original manufacturer for overpriced monitors.  You can just go to your local electronics store and buy a new monitor if one goes out.

2. Quality: LCD monitors are controlled using digital signals.  If you give it an analog signal, the monitor converts it to digital before displaying it.  This results in picture quality losses.  While that may be OK for new scoring manufacturers, it's not good enough for us.  By manipulating the video signals digitally, the EVOLUTION system can remove noise, sharpen the picture, and apply colors to make your system look better than when it was new.

3. Control: Power switching is standard on most of the EVOLUTION systems, but this requires a method to control commercially available LCD monitors.  The digital HDMI interface supports control of the monitor (HDMI-CEC) and the video signal, over the same cable.  This simplifies wiring and eliminates extra power control components.  Since the standard is fairly new, we also included IR (infrared) control for monitors that do not support control over the digital lines.  Please see the SERVICE page for a list of recommended monitors.

The standard EVOLUTION upgrade kit includes all the electronics you will need to upgrade a single lane pair. You will receive an EVOLUTION digital scoring converter programmed for your system, two HDMI cables, power cable, IR emitters, screws to mount the system to our patent-pending LCD MOUNTS, and instructions (which can also be found under the SERVICE page).