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"My bowlers thought we bought new scoring...I wish I could have bought flatscreens years ago, they make a big difference to the bowlers.  Tournament players comment on how easy it is to read scores up and down the lanes.  With our monitor issues taken care of, we have no need to ever buy new scoring."

- Jim Johns, Owner, Pro Bowl, Lansing, Michigan

As noted by Stephen Carlson of Olympus Lanes in Salt Lake City, Utah, “…Yours is the Right System at the Right time…”, after he not only replaced the old Accuscore 25" monitors but also a pair of converted LCDs he purchased and installed himself from the manufacturer that did not live up to the hype.  Even after visits from the manufacturer’s representatives they blamed it on his chassis (however, the chassis worked fine with D&J Marketing's product line).  Stephen went on to say, “Your system is easier to use, looks great, colors match better, and the crew was the best I have ever seen in the industry…even better than my own resurfacing crew…and I thought they were the best.”

"Bowlers love the new LCD Flatscreens and the TV feature, Owner loves them and is running ads on them now, and my staff likes the fact that we don't have to deal with the old monitors.  I like the fact that we seem to have less curtain wall issues since we must be something in the conversion box that keeps bad signals from going back to the curtain wall chassis...I dunno...but I love it!."

- Mark Kraft, Head Mechanic, 5-Star Lanes, Sterling Heights, Michigan

"Our new 37" scorer monitors are a great addition to our center. Replacing our monitors was a large expense, but replacing our whole scoring system, was out of the question. Our old monitors were becoming expensive to repair and maintain.

Our customers here at M-66 Bowl were excited as the installation project began. The amount of positive feedback has been tremendous. The improvement of bowling scores being much more highly visible and vibrant color are very noticeable, not only for the bowlers but for the spectators as well. Also, the new monitors have a great aesthetic impact on first impressions. It changes the over all look of the center, makes it look much more modern.

As far as the installation part of our new project, everything went well. Our experience with Glen from New Center Consulting and Dave with his crew from D&J Marketing was positive. The installation process was efficient and the crew was on site until everything was running. We are pleased with the project from start to finish."

- Lindy Burton, Manager, M-66 Bowl, Battle Creek, Michigan

"Wow, with these new screens I don't have to wear my glasses any more to read them."

- Debbie, Front Counter Manager, Pro Bowl, Lansing, Michigan

"It is such a relief not to have to get out the scaffolding and take down monitors every day to send out for repair...those old monitors were heavy and the new LCDs haven't had to come down at troubles."

- Steve, Head Mechanic, Pro Bowl, Lansing, Michigan